MOX is a dedicated ecosystem for the mobile industry that provides a platform to mobile manufacturers and app developers. With Mox, mobile industry experts will be able to set up their base in Greater Noida region and enjoy all the facilities required for a successful operation. The MOX ecosystem is built on 3 pillars, which is Infrastructure, Hardware, and Software. These pillars address the challenges faced by technology based companies by offering them access to skilled human resources and enabling synergies. MOX encourages indigenous R&D in domains related to mobile.

Benefits Of mox

MOX as a platform will bring manifold benefits to the system, and to different stakeholders who boost the economy, as well as technology.

Contribution to Economy

Since Uttar Pradesh accounts for nearly half of the country’s current mobile manufacturing capacity without any focused efforts to boost the sector, the introduction of MOX would channelize foreign and domestic investments into the state for investors who prefer a dedicated ecosystem with customized policies.

Tax Revenue

The investment in the region yields 7-7.5% in state and Union taxes. Sine U.P is the biggest consumer of mobile phones, it could earn huge tax revenues in the form of consumption-based and destination-based taxation properties of GST once MOX activates the mobile value chain in Greater Noida and employs a fresh workforce.

Employment Generation

The state will account for about 50% of the country’s mobile ecosystem and provide direct & indirect employment to 0.8 million and 2.4 million people, respectively, by 2022. Being the prime driver of this sector, MOX will generate a majority of these jobs and turn into a hotspot for software development.

Value Addition to Occupants

MOX will bring all different players of the mobile ecosystem to one place , and provide a conducive environment to allied industries as well. The proximity of Suppliers and Vendors within the cluster coupled with accessibility to two major markets — Northern and Eastern India will smoothen the supply chain, thereby reducing operational cost and enhancing profitability.

Academic Relations

The proximity to Gautam Buddha University and other institutions in the nearby region of Greater Noida will help in fostering Industry-Academia relations and provide an opportunity to industry and institutes to work together in the field of Research and Development for further development of futuristic technology and overall development of the Mobile Industry.

Support Government initiatives

MOX will provide impetus to component manufacturing industry by supporting Government initiatives like “Make in India”. MOX would increase mobile penetration rate in India by producing mobile phones at a cheaper cost and make them more economical for the rural population, thus helping the government’s vision of making India Digital.

MOX - The Balance of Demand and Supply

India is currently witnessing a huge demand associated with crucial parameters. This is perfectly balanced by compelling factors that favor a huge supply potential within the economy. This scenario makes a great case for a Mobile Cluster like MOX.

MOX : Current Scenario

Factors that present as opportunity to deliver supplies to such a high demand scenario are as following:

Raising of excise duty differential between domestic and imported phones has been a boost for the local manufacturing of mobiles. The imposition of 10 percent basic customs duty (BCD) on cellular mobile phones and specified parts and Introduction of Goods and Services Tax (GST) will further boost local manufacturing.
Proactive Government policies
  • 1. Proactive Government policies
  • 2. Modified Special Incentive Package Scheme (M-SIPS)
  • 3. Merchandise Exports from India Scheme (MEIS)
  • 4. Electronics Hardware Technology Park (EHTP)
have supported the causes of “Make in India’
Rise in labour costs in China and a shift in its focus to premium handsets has led to a manufacturing drive in India.
The opening of credit lines and financial scalability for mobile app based Startups owing to Venture Capitalists who have been betting on the sector has encouraged talented individuals to become a part of the booming sector, thus generating large scale employment.

MOX : Need of the hour

Mox is a one of a kind initiative towards building a significant demand in the Indian telecommunication and mobile sector:

Exponential growth in smartphone penetration, huge migration to 4g VoLTE, and changing patterns in data consumption are the ruling factors currently. Rural India us waking up to the mobile revolution owing to enhanced network penetration, and increase in disposable income are some of the factors which are driving the exponential demand for the mobile phone industry in the country.
Initiatives like Digital India and National Optical Fibre Connectivity (NOFN) have augmented internet penetration.
Consumer preferences for unique and upgraded features has boosted the research and development in hardware as well as in the software/app development sector. Internet-of-Things (IoT) has opened endless possibilities for innovation.
Demonetization has led to an increase in m-banking through various online payment gateways as well as disruptive application technologies like Uber, Airbnb catering to various consumer needs.


Mox cluster, like other clusters from around the world are projected to bring economic and social growth in the region through the growth in the mobile sector. Besides contributing substantially to the GDP and generating employment, MOX will bring direct development of the industry through domestic and foreign investments.

The cluster will provide excellent connectivity and a safe environment for businesses to thrive and prosper. Presence of a large IT-BPO sector will enrich the cluster and thriving residential ecosystem will cater to the housing requirement of the migrating workforce. Most importantly MOX will help develop a digital society where society can avail vital utilities and services, such as education, as well as health and public safety services, anytime and anywhere.

Key Take Aways

Mobile Industry

Domestic and foreign investment, promoting efficiency in production, and providing a safe and friendly environment for business.


Township development, employment generation, logistics and social infrastructure development, and skill development.