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Defining MOX

MOX is a focused mobile ecosystem that enables reduced operational costs and enhances profitability through an efficient supply chain system. Strategic location coupled with the predicted growth in the Indian telecommunication market, MOX is a significant hub for socio-economic development, thereby becoming the future of mobility.

MOX cluster is based on 3 pillars


The Infrastructure aspect of MOX cluster is focused on building a wide array of infra as well allied / support ecosystem like logistics Academia, business, along with a wide range of investment and employment opportunities.


The Hardware aspect of MOX revolves around developing Manufacturing hub for components of smart phones as well as feature phones. The overall category is pegged at 80 Billion dollars of business by 2020, and will be in sync with the overall objectives of the ‘Make in India’ concept. Advanced manufacturing technology and processes are the core objective advocated by MOX.


The Software aspect of MOX revolves around apps and software development for the mobile industry. This is in line with the Skill India and Digital India notion, and the technological development is based on focused R&D, that puts MOX at par with other entities on a global scale.

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MOX cluster has a superior advantage due to its prime Delhi NCR location, which is compounded with a lot of other growth drivers in the region. For example: Its adjacent location to the Delhi Mumbai industrial corridor (DMIC), affordable residential ecosystem, upcoming Jawar Airport, as well as its close proximity to the Gautam Buddha University and other educational institutes. MOX cluster brings the advantage of scale and logistics by clubbing hardware, software, and allied services.

Mobile Open Exchange Cluster
Mobile Open Exchange Zone
Mobile Open Exchange

Impact of mox by 2020

MOX delivers an all round growth to the economy by bringing a positive impact on multiple parameters. At the nucleus, MOX helps bridge the gap of huge demand with supply in mobile and telecommunication sector.

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government initiatives

In the coming years, MOX is bound to foresee a rocketing growth and will become a highly successful platform in a short duration because of the overall combination of Centre and State policies, as they are aligned to bring home the advantage of high growth scenario in the information and technology sector, and more specifically in the Mobile and telecommunication sector.

MOX is a great platform for Digital India, and the programme is aimed at utilizing India’s digital technology capabilities and potential to address socio-economic challenges, while digitally empowering the nation.

Considering the opportunities provided by the stellar growth of the Indian telecommunication market, Make In India promotes the spirit of Online solution
exchange for cluster related activities.

Has initiated several projects as well as schemes to give a boost to information technology, as well as the ESDM sector. These policies have brought plenty of investment and employment opportunities to the state.

An initiative to transform the state into the most preferred investment destination in India by acting as an effective investment policy driver and facilitator in
providing world-class infrastructure.

Case studies

When analyzing the success stories of business sectors in India and around the world, one striking fact that comes to the fore is that innovation and competitive success in these sectors are geographically concentrated in clusters.
MOX CLUSTER ushers the development wave of growth in the nucleus of the mobile and telecommunication growth in India.